Fool's Gold returns to Columbus this Saturday!

Fool's Gold - Jack in the Pocket - Photo by John Danner

photo by John Danner

There is something infectious about Fool’s Gold's music that makes audiences uncontrollably flail, shuffle, and clap with a feverish delight.  This LA band's music is a delightful combination of western pop, afro-beat and krautrock elements that shimmer and awe, just like an ore of pyrite.

I first saw Luke Top and his awesomely tremendously talented troupe perform at The Summit on a stiflingly muggy night in July of 2010.  That evening, the air inside the venue was especially thick and stung my eyes.  My hair was sticking to my back and forehead, and my clothes were damp with sweat. The door guy told me the AC unit had broken earlier that evening. I was downing water like camel in a futile attempt to cool off. As soon Fool’s Gold began to play, all thoughts about the stifling humidity disappeared. I began to dance like a wild banshee with the rest of the crowd.  

Fool’s Gold returns to Columbus, Ohio this Saturday, May 19 at The Summit! One of my favorite local bands, Maza Blaska is opening! Bring your dancing shoes and don’t forget to stretch your legs beforehand. You won’t be able to stop yourself from moving with the energy both of these bands exude.

Read the JITP interview with Fool’s Gold's Luke Top and Brad Caulkins from 2010 here.