Have you hosted a touring band at your home?

Are you a band that prefers to stay with friends/fans while on the road?

Tell me about the best times you’ve had hosting/staying! Tell me about the nightmare guests/hosts!  I’m compiling these tales (including my own) for a special Jack in the Pocket article. Being on the road is quite expensive so I’m always down to help touring bands out by offering them a free place to stay. I’ve had some amazing and terrifying experiences hosting bands… From Twin Sister cooking us a delicious Spanish breakfast, to a band (that shall remain anonymous) almost getting me evicted, I’ve racked up some pretty entertaining stories.

Email me about your experiences! heavypercussion@gmail.com

Helpful details would be the reason why you offered your place/decided to stay, the size of the space, if there were roommates, how long the stay was, how was it arranged, why it was a great/terrible experience, etc.

If you wish to remain anonymous just specify in your email. If you send me an account of a bad experience and forget to change names of bands and hosts, I’ll be sure to do so. 

Thanks in advance and I am looking forward to reading your stories!