Hundred Waters - Boreal

Hundred Waters

If you haven’t spent some quality time with Gainesville, Florida’s Hundred Waters, you’re starving your ears. Stop being cruel, slip on a pair of high-quality headphones (this is an important step), and indulge in the gourmet sounds of their debut album.

I’m ashamed to admit, I was quite tardy to the Hundred Waters feast. Most of my blog buds have been singing their praises for weeks! A few days ago, I found their album loaded on my iPod and pressed play. Upon first listen, I was thoroughly blown away.  I hate to compare this band to others because their sound is so unique and yet so familiar.  But, if you’ve been searching for a hybrid of Twin Sister + Beach House + Imogen Heap + Dirty Projectors... look no further. Hundred Waters' music stirred my soul, filled me with a renewed sense of wonder, and sparked my creativity (I can't wait to paint to this).  This band has set the bar for 2012 and beyond.

Whoever mastered this album has a stellar sense of how to properly layer and pan each facet of every track.  I haven’t heard sounds swing so smoothly from left to right, center to edge, top to bottom since Panda Bear’s Tomboy. PLEASE heed my recommendation to wear high-quality headphones for your first listen.  Your ears will thank you. 

Hundred Waters Links:
Official Website
Soundcloud (2 more tracks here!)