Premiere: Lands and Peoples - Ghosts

Lordy, lordy. This lovely new track from Baltimore based band, Lands and Peoples, just goes to show us that  patience will be rewarded handsomely.  Their debut record Pop Guilt officially drops on March 27.

“Ghosts” is a slow burner with harmonies so fluid, you’ll find your ears happily lost somewhere between the two singer’s voices. Beau Cole and Caleb Moore have a way of making a rather ugly and unwelcome emotion like angst feel quite beautiful and comforting. The song’s louder moment cries, “stoned and impatient, slow admiration,” words that would normally depict a darker instance. Though, in the context of “Ghosts,” it hints at more of a self-liberating experience. I asked Beau to expand…

The full article with news on the LP is over on Impose.

(via bmoremusic)