Review: Bear in Heaven - I Love You, It's Cool

It’s been three years since Brooklyn’s Bear in Heaven graced our ears with a full length album. In 2009, Beast Rest Forth Mouth was met with a flurry of critical acclaim from some of today’s most respected music blogs and magazines. Now, after a lengthy period of non-stop touring, they are set to release their highly anticipated third album, I Love You, It’s Cool, on April 3.

I received an advanced copy of I Love You, It’s Cool approximately two weeks ago. Honestly, I have not been able stop myself from playing it everyday at a rib rattling volume. Nor can I stifle the smile that creeps across my face as soon as the first coolly cavernous synth strain of Idle Heart hits my ears.

I Love You, It’s Cool has a much stronger pop punch than their 2009 release, yet is still expertly embroidered with flourishes of psychedelic, electro, and krautrock the trio is known for. In this album, synths take a more prevalent role. They create varied layered shapes and temperatures from a boiling staccato, to a balmy swirl, to a downright wintery drone. Philpot’s vocals are clearer and don’t get muddled with the rest of the mix as they occasionally do in Beast Rest Forth Mouth which caused some pretty silly lyric misunderstandings. Adam Wills’ notes of deep, resounding bass and guitar gracefully weave or walk in step with the precise and utterly commanding drive of Joseph Stickney’s pro drumming.

Bear in Heaven has held on to the subtle strain of creepiness I find so delightful. Simultaneously seductive and disturbing, the fifth track Cool Light stirs up vivid imagery of lead singer Jon Philpot “shimmering in the moonlight” like a stalking vampire-ish character, “watching you.” The anthem Sinful Nature sympathizes with and encourages those who feel misunderstood to let their freak flag fly. Other stand out tracks include The Reflection of You and Kiss Me Crazy, which perfectly articulates the frustration of playing the role of the rodent in a cat-and-mouse relationship. Each track serves as a facet to a familiar story of a consuming, infuriating and inspiring love.

Bear In Heaven - Sinful Nature by Bear in Heaven

I Love You, It’s Cool drops on April 3 via Dead Oceans. Pre-order your copy today by clicking here. Bear in Heaven is currently on tour! Check out a full list of dates by visiting their website at

[Ohio can catch BIH on March 30 in Columbus, March 31 in Cincinatti]