I am so pleased to officially announce an exclusive collaboration between Spoonfeed Columbus and Jack in the Pocket.  Spoonfeed comprised of a team of ultra-passionate, ultra-talented people who are out to show the world what our city has to offer. I started JITP to do the same, to talk to talent that comes through Columbus, to show everyone living here that our music scene is strong and that little research will pay off with a giant reward.

For our first project, we will be posting an interview and a behind-the-scenes look at Ohio’s very own WALK THE MOONWALK THE MOON's rapid rise has been an exhilarating ride to follow. I saw them play at Skully's Music Diner less than a year ago when Jimmy from HeadUnderwater.com came for a visit.  After their set, Jimmy and I looked at eachother and said, “These guys are going to blow up in less than 6 months.” We couldn’t deny that WTM embodied the perfect pop-rock formula; a fresh yet familiar sound, good lookin’ band members, and an onstage presence that electrifies audiences. We breathlessly gushed this to lead singer Nick Petricca, who seemed excited, humbled, and a tiny bit apprehensive. The music biz is tough to break into after all.  Approximately 7 months later, WALK THE MOON signed to RCA Records, a label under the SONY MUSIC empire.  WTM is currently on tour with Fitz and the Tantrums, and opened for them at The Newport Music Hall on Friday night. I cannot wait to share the amazing footage Spoonfeed and Jack in the Pocket recorded that day. 

Kate of Spoonfeed Columbus and me with our faces painted for Walk The Moon.

Thanks to Spoonfeed’s Kate, Larry, Jeff, Julian, and Trevor for taking me on board. It will be an honor to work with y’all. I would also like to thank you, readers.  Without you, this blog and this relationship with Spoonfeedwould not be possible.

xx kp