White Denim - Drugs

 White Denim

White Denim has been on tour for some time now.  Word has been spreading that they have merrily medicating enthusiastic crowds with their potent prescription of powerful psychedelic rock, city after city. “Total face-melt” doesn’t seem to properly explain what their fans have been experiencing as they watch these three tear up a stage.  So, I asked my blog bro Jimmy what he thought of their show in D.C. on April 10.

After seeing the set-less-free and down right exhilarating White Denim in DC I had to question myself “Did I just see one of the greatest live bands of my generation?” While that’s a huge statement, and very debatable, it’s a thought that crossed my mind due to the musical experience of their furious set that night. They’re tight, so fluid and just effortless. Tempo and time signature changes that could confuse even the best head bobber. The hype and praise surrounding their live shows are more than warranted if not understated.

Almost everyone I’ve talked to about White Denim seems to concur with Jimmy.  I can recall how utterly wowed I was after listening to their 2011 release D.  My thoughts couldn’t keep up… THE LYRICS, THE LAYERS, THE RHYTHM… CAN’T COMPREHEND THE AWESOMENESS FLOWING INTO MY EARS! 

In conclusion, I’ve decided to witness the ultimate power of White Denim liveat their show in Columbus, Ohio at The Basement this Wednesday, April 18.