KAUF - Relocate

If you were a stripper… and a hipster… what would you dance to while expertly balancing your large framed RayBan spectacles on your nose as you slide up and down the pole?  This thought crossed my mind about a year ago while listening to some sexy songs on my iPod.  If I were an erotic dancer, I sure as hell would not dance to songs like Pour Some Sugar on Me, Dangerzone, etc.  So… why not create a mix chock full of songs that would perfectly accompany a hipster strip-tease?  The tracks obviously have to have a steady, sultry, bass heavy beat. Lyrics wanton and mysterious…  The artist still a treasure to be discovered.  

This track from LA’s KAUF surely meets the criteria.  I dare you not to sway your hips as this song takes over your ears. Don’t miss his other sexy electro jam When You’re Out.

Look for a special mix from Jack in the Pocket on Valentine’s Day. ;)